The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Did you all know that there is to be a new series, The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I have found the fact that I share the name of a character in a major motion picture mildly amusing. Its kinda funny, and I tell folks that they modeled her after me, since I am the original (and Linda Hamilton is kinda hot). So what if they spell her name wrong (it should be Conner, not not Connor).

Ever since The Terminator was released in 1985, I have been teased about twice a month or so. And during the recall election here in California, I got teased a lot more. I got an obnoxious phone call at five in the morning one time. This stupid shock jock from some morning radio show back east was calling all of the Sarah Conners in California to find out whether they were voting for Arnold Schwarzenegger. I wasn’t amused then.

I always thought that the hype would die down, that people would forget about the movie, and that I would be teased about it less and less. It’s not a big deal, really. People mean it in good fun, but I do often get “Wow! Sarah Conner! Really? Do people ever tease you about The Terminator?” (And I tell that story in my stupid monkey voice, eyes rolling). Jeez.

So, Hollywood has seen fit to milk this franchise further. I know its going to be a dumb show, but what I really hope is that it’s not a big hit that people are talking about around the water cooler at the office. That is the last thing I need.

Well, please enjoy the following video. It is the retelling of the Christ story and The Terminator by Mad TV. (Amy, I’m putting this here for you! It won’t fit on my MySpace page any more, and it is so worth watching. I hope you like it).

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