Goofy Foot

My friends are going to think I have lost my mind. Skaters will likely call me a poser. Perhaps it is all true. But I consider this my ecologically friendly mid-life convertible (a little early, I would emphasize).

I have secretly harbored a desire to be a skater for years. I work with a guy who custom makes beautiful skateboards, so Gillian broke down and got me one for my birthday. I had my first lesson the other day, and I’m hooked. It is so fun! I also found out that I am a goofy foot (I prefer to lead with my left foot, though I am right-handed).

Here I am with Gillian and Christopher, the maker.


Here is Christopher’s website, Malu Long Boards.

How could I not be inspired to skate? Now that we’re moving to Chicago (more on that later), you can spot me in the spring cruising on the shores of Lake Michigan.

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