My Mary Tyler Moore Moment

I live in Chicago.

G and I have to tell each other this at least once a day to keep our feet on the ground.

It’s pretty cool. This is my favorite city, and I can hardly believe that I’m here. It’s totally dorky, and I don’t feel at all ashamed or self conscious about it. Okay, maybe I do a little, but mostly I’m just trying to let myself take it all in, look around in wonder at this absolutely wonderful place.

I love taking the crowded train downtown to work each day. On my way to my office from the El, I pass the legendary Jazz Record Mart, and my office is on the Magnificent Mile.

When I crossed the plaza of my building after my first day of work, this is what I saw:

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Though I really wanted to, I refrained from throwing my hat (and I did have a hat because it is November, and there is real-fall-going-on-winter weather here) in the air the way Mary Tyler Moore did at the end of the show’s opening credits. But I did it on the inside.

I live in Chicago. It’s awesome.

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