All you can do is laugh…

I meant it when I said I was looking forward to the change of seasons. And it is still an adventure in sort of a fun way. When I woke up this morning, I can’t say that I looked forward to going outside and facing the storm. But once I got out there, it was kinda fun, I admit. And everyone else was out there, too. The train was packed as usual, even with the eight inches plus of snow that was hampering our travel.

So, here we are, our first winter in Chicago after sixteen years in California, and it is one of the worst in years. I really don’t mind it yet. It’s beautiful! The blanket of snow slows and quiets everything down. You run in place on the sidewalk because it’s so slippery. Your face freezes a little and you have a hard time enunciating, and everyone just looks silly!

All you can do is laugh.

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