The days are getting longer

Last night upon arriving home after work and running a couple or errands, I noticed that the sky was just a little bit lighter blue than it had been at that same time a few nights ago. With all of the frigid weather and incessant snow storms we’ve been having here, there is something so sweet about anticipating spring. This is the change of seasons that I have miss all these years in California. I know how wonderful Chicago is in the spring and summer, and I can’t wait to skate along the lake shore, ride my bike around town, and meet Gillian for picnics and concerts in Millennium Park. I long for the farmers markets, fresh corn, tomatoes warmed in the summer sun.

Tonight, we’re hunkering down for another storm. We’ve been celebrating our fourth first wedding anniversary all week, and we have a feast planned, which I’ll write about tomorrow with a few photos. Enjoying comfort foods, snuggling up with a romantic movie, getting cozy as the next storm revs up, and dreaming of spring.

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