Earthquake! In Chicago?

It was an eerily familiar feeling this morning, being gently woken up, as if someone was standing by my bed rocking it ever so slightly.

We live in a solid building, so I knew it wasn’t the wind shaking us. I had to think for a second, wake up a little and think about where I was.

No, I really do live in Chicago, not Oakland any more, but I wasn’t so sure at 4:35 this morning.

That was definitely an earthquake.

I thought we had moved away from that stress! I guess you can’t even count on the earth beneath your feet.

One thought on “Earthquake! In Chicago?

  1. Anthony

    Good thing you moved out of earthquake counrty and took the quakes with you! “That’s too bad for youself!”

    Good to see that you are surviving.

    I’d love to chat at you. Givem a call when you get a chance. 510-290-5562


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