A Good Walk Spoiled

This just makes me mad. And I think it speaks for itself. I rolled my eyes when I heard about Bush saying in an interview that he was giving up golf out of some perverse idea of respect for families whose children are fighting or who have died in Iraq. How ridiculous of him to think that this “gesture” has any meaning at all. It’s almost funny.

And then one thinks back to 9/11 and this embarrassing moment. So with that moment in history, he expects us to believe that he’s sincere for making this “sacrifice”?


And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the Huffington Post reported last week that it wasn’t true, that he has played golf at least twice since 2003.

Really, I don’t care whether or not if he plays golf. Its that he plies people’s emotions with his LIES! Lies about stupid things! He tries to make people think that he cares about the kids who are dying in his useless war by lying about whether or not he plays golf!

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