Welcome Winter, Everywhere! Brr!

Smallest violin in the world for my sister in Portland
Smallest violin in the world.

This is a post especially for my sister in Portland who wrote the family today to beg for sympathy about the dramatic and unusual snow and cold temperatures they are having there this week. I know they’re not used to it, and Portland doesn’t have snow removal equipment. Yep 21 is pretty cold, but it won’t last. It sounds like a fun adventure compared to what we have here in Chicago. It just doesn’t compare to 3 below, with a *30 below* wind chill. And our family in Minnesota is experiencing slightly colder temperatures.

I just have to give her a bit of a hard time about it. Some snow days at home with your kids during Christmas week sounds downright cozy and sweet.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Winter, Everywhere! Brr!

  1. Yes, but for two weeks?!? This is the longest storm Portland has seen since either Peter or I moved here. So there.

    But the fire and s’mores tonight were very nice…

    I don’t think I’ve ever called you this, but sometimes you’re a brat.



  2. Hm….let me see….Nope! Still not feeling sorry for you! Not for the snow, anyway. Enjoy your cozy fire and s’mores! That sounds like a nice way to spend a chilly evening at home.

    xox backatcha!


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