What’s Making Me Happy, February 23, 2013


While I don’t fancy myself an expert knitter at all, and I am taking baby steps in learning how to crochet, I am finding the crafting pastime a lovely creative outlet. I’ve been knitting for many years, and I have never been able to get beyond small projects, such as hats and scarves, or an occasional shawl that is rectangular in shape. I’m good with that, as long as I can complete the project I start, which has been a bit of a challenge at times over the years.

Out of determination, I picked out a couple of projects recently that I knew I could finish successfully, and in a short period. My Dad celebrated a birthday in January, and since it has been freaking cold in his neck of the woods this winter, I decided to knit him a scarf. I went Stash Knits in nearby Ardmore and picked out some gorgeous merino wool that was really wonderful to work with. Within a couple of weeks, I had completed a cable knit scarf, completed with love to keep my Dad warm in the frigid Minnesota winter.

Dad Birthday Scarf I particularly like this picture of Dad because he looks like a bandit with the scarf covering his face, and he’s sporting his Pink Floyd baseball cap, which he thought was a gay pride hat when he got it. He’s adorable.

ScarfAnd here’s a shot that shows off the cable patter pretty nicely.

Gillian HatI was so inspired after knitting the scarf that I went back to Stash to get another skein of the merino wool so that I could knit Gillian a hat. Here is the result. I completed it last week. She has been in need of a hat, but hasn’t been able to find one that is comfortable, hip, and warm. Until now. I couldn’t be more pleased!

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