New Blog: InFomentation

All in all, I think it was a successful weekend. Looking back on my to-do lists, I accomplished many of the things I set out to do. Perhaps not all. I didn’t practice yoga on Monday. Oh well. But I did get the skate board out! Woohoo!

One significant thing that I didn’t include on my list, however, was launching my new blog, InFomentation. It was inspired by the research I am doing for an article that I’m writing about technology and social change movements. The folks at NetSquared have got it going on!

I’ve been sitting on the idea for a few months now, hashing it out with Gillian, letting it germinate. Well, Spring is here! Though you wouldn’t know it right now, its so darn cold out. But this weekend I was provided with just the fertilizer and sunshine that I need it to get that baby off the ground.

Paradoxologies will remain my personal blog, and InFormentation, while it will include personal reflection, will be of a more professional nature. I’m excited to be embracing this creative outlet more and more, and to be connecting with people and continuing to learn and grow as a result.

I hope you will visit them both!

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