Overthinking “Peace” Tweet

One of my Twitter contacts posted the following tweet tonight:

Wondering how many of you my twitter friends, believe in world peace? if you do, copy this tweet in your next tweet.

This got me thinking: Do I believe in world peace?

What does is this question really asking? My first instinct is to say “Duh! Of course I do! I majored in Peace Studies in college.” The language of this tweet is really confusing. Is it telling you to copy the tweet if you wonder how many of your Twitter followers believe in peace? What is the point of this little exercise? Who started this and what do they hope to accomplish?

World peace doesn’t really exist right now. Or more precisely, perhaps, there are many significant wars going on right now that cause peaceniks to feel relatively hopeless.

I suppose I do believe in peace in that it exists in some places in the world right now. More importantly, however, peace is one of my core values, and as a citizen of the world I believe my every action has an impact, and that peace is contagious and inspired. Much like this little tweet.

I decided to edit the tweet a bit:

I believe that world peace is possible. If you do, too, copy this tweet in your next tweet. Pass it on.

But I can’t bring myself to actually send it! I feel a little silly, like I’m making a big deal out of nothing. But at the same time I think it’s kind of important to send the right message to my 26 Twitter followers. And what is it trying to convey? But even though I’ve never even met my Twitter contact in person, I don’t want him to think that I don’t believe in peace. Because I do! What am I trying to convey? So I wrote this blog, which is way too long for a tweet.

Truly, I’m overthinking this. But perhaps that was the original intent. Or maybe its just me.

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